The meetings in October  to December 2021 will be held via zoom. Meeting invitations will be sent out to CHAS members prior to each lecture.  We are reviewing options for face to face or zoom meetings in January 2022 onwards.

WEDNESDAY 13th OCTOBER 2021 7:00pm  (William Urry Memorial Lecture)

“Canterbury Charters and the cult of Thomas Becket”

Mrs Cressida Williams, Canterbury Cathedral Archivist


WEDNESDAY 10th NOVEMBER 2021 7:00pm

“Twenty centuries at Canterbury: The Canterbury Historical Map and Atlas"

Dr Jake Weekes, Canterbury Archaeological Trust


WEDNESDAY 8th DECEMBER 2021  7:00pm

The Canterbury Collection of Pilgrim Souvenirs

Ms Lucy Splarn, University of Kent at Canterbury


Confirmed dates, talks and speakers for 2022 are

January 12th - Stained glass from Anselm's choir. Ms Leonie Seliger (Cathedral)

February 9th - Hampton Court Conference of 1604. Prof Ken Fincham (UKC)

March 5th -      Annual Review of the Trust  Dr Alison Hicks (CAT)  (This is the Frank Jenkins memorial lecture held jointly by CHAS and CAT)

March  9th  -    Waltham village. Ms Lynn Saxby 


For interest this webpage retains a summary of the half-day centenary conference that took place in February 2021.


Online CHAS Centenary ‘Canterbury in History’ FREE half-day conference

(jointly organised by CHAS and CKHH)

Saturday 13 February 2021 [online using Microsoft Teams Live Event]


The four talks were on different centuries that highlight the role and importance of specific people, places and events in Canterbury’s long and colourful history. Taking different dates relating to ’20, the speakers explored what was happening in Canterbury at the time and how this fitted into the context of local, regional, national and international issues relating to topics such as famine, pilgrimage, religious change, migration and colonisation, and world war. All the speakers have worked on Canterbury and Kent, and between them have an impressive array of publications. This half-day conference celebrated Canterbury Historical and Archaeological Society’s centenary and was organised jointly by the Centre for Kent History and Heritage and Canterbury Historical and Archaeological Society.


For full information and talk abstracts, please see the Meeting Programme.

To read a summary of the talks prepared by Dr Sweetinburgh please click here.

To see a listing of nearly 100 talks provided to CHAS members between 2004 and 2021 please click here.



CHAS wishes to acknowledge all the work Dr Sweetinburgh  has done in organising the half day conference.

Meetings for Autumn 2021


TEL. 01227 713285


All 2021 Lectures are held via zoom